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  • Sales & Marketing
  • Human Resources
  • Asset Management
  • Financial Management
  • Service Management
  • Acquisition Management

Sales & Marketing

ABH Hospitality Management will assist in the development process at any stage from a new construction, to renovation of an existing hotel, to maximizing profit from an existing landmark. Development Services include:
• An inventory of trained staff to support sister properties
• Market Analysis
• Site evaluation
• Deal structuring
• Design & Construction management
• FF&E procurement / installation • Litigation support
• Idea sharing for success with diverse teams
• Utilization of secret shoppers to gain insight into areas of improvement
• Support for all departments based on a large team culture

Human Resources

• Over 150 team members managed with standardized rules and regulations
• Staff is smoothly transitioned between hotels as needed
• Promotions are easily fulfilled with our in-house talent pool
• With Paperless HR-everything is updated quickly and securely online
• We implement standard operating procedures with a proven success record
• All team members operate based on company ethics establishing a positive guest & work experience

Asset Management

We will increase the value of your hotel handling the property, personnel, and amenities through quality control, capital resources, PIP consulting and procurement.
• Establish standard procurement sources across multiple assets
• Quality Control ensures that personnel & processes maintain highest industry standard
• Leverage most experienced team members to cross train counterparts
• Assets increase in value because of brand implementation & consistency property standards
• Procurement of all services using premier discounts and group purchasing. Utilizing great vendor relationships.
• Internal team audits • Leverage cross brand standards and efficiencies

Financial Management

We operate with a fee structure that encourages top line revenue increases as well as a “skin in the game” approach to ensure expenses are kept in line. Incentive Management fees are setup for profitability based on budget and exceeding targets of profitability. Services Include:
• Streamlined Financial Reporting
• Efficient Cash Management
• Cash- Driven Performance Indicators
• Centralized Accounting & Cost Control Systems
• Efficient Budgeting
• Property Accounting
• Strategic Recapitalization
• Loss Prevention Reviews

Service Mangement

We provide a peace of mind for owners to spend time investing in the growth of their portfolio and not on the day-to-day operations that take away valuable time from the growth of your investment opportunities. Service Management
• Existing property takeover
• Management of distressed and foreclosed properties
• Brand conversions (evaluation, planning and implementation)
• New hotel pre-opening and ramp-up
• Premium brand management
• Acquisition and disposition of management
• Increase customer loyalty and sales

Acquisition Management

ABH Hospitality Management will evaluate and manage the acquisition process. We act as a partner ensuring your success and ours. Acquisition Services include
• A large support base for operations of any size
• Brand development
• Financial Support and Analysis
• Franchise Negotiation Assistance
• Property & Amenity Improvement Strategy
• Growth Strategy Implementation
• Marketing
• Full Service Management
• Capital Planning